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18 Great Tips & Reminders to Help You Create More Powerful Partnerships with Clients

1) You can start to build a partnership with clients the first time you meet them—and you can build it up or tear it down at every meeting thereafter. 2) Along with delivering great work, your objective on any project should be to build a partnership with your clients. 3) Stop blaming your clients for their behavior, and start changing how you interact with them. 4) The goal is to move to a partnership with your client, so that you are providing lasting value and the customer commits to a … Read More

What Makes Clients Turn Your Direction

If you’ve sold to or consulted with clients, you’ve undoubtedly faced a challenge: explaining to your clients how their needs can be met with your services. We address various kinds of needs in our training course, The Power of Partnership, and many others have written extensively about human needs and how they operate (see for example the works of Abraham Maslow or Frederick Hertzberg). In the world of convincing others, the conventional wisdom is “provide the benefit to fill the need”. But what do you do if your clients believe … Read More