Making it Stick through “The Power of Practice”

Our two decades of field experience shows us that if training participants are offered post-course follow-up, repetition, and guided practice over time, they will truly master the skills we teach in the Power of Partnership training. We offer the following post-training learning options to all of our clients:

1. Pre/Post Assessment Survey

We customize and implement an online survey assessment between four and six weeks after each major component of training delivery that measures participant perspectives of their behavioral mastery of each targeted skill before and after training delivery. The reason we wait to measure is so that graduates can test their skills in the field to provide a realistic assessment of their development.

2. Live Learning Laboratories (These can be conducted in a live classroom format or through webinar/teleconference platforms).

  • Facilitator guides participants through scenarios faced by participants in the field.
  • The class strategizes options together and “role-plays” the selected strategies with coaching and feedback from the facilitator.
  • Participants work as a team to move opportunities forward with a “client” played by one of the participants.
  • Each participant who brings a scenario to this forum leaves with a concrete strategic action plan for their real world scenario.
  • Other participants leave with significant skills practice and expanded strategic thinking to apply to their own real world situations.

3. Content Review Webinars

Graduates review the Power of Partnership course modules progressively in one-hour sessions usually offered once per month. The fast pace, fresh examples, and targeted Q&A keep participants fully engaged and our calls to action send them back into the field fired up and ready to fully apply what they’ve learned.

We deliver using our client’s webinar platform of choice so that participants are already technically competent with the platform and all webinars are recorded for participants who cannot be on the call.