What Makes Us Unique?

1.) Everyone wants to be a “Trusted Advisor” but what’s missing is mastery of the specific skills and attitudes that make this possible. We teach these critical skills through a highly experiential, practical approach that consistently creates long-term behavioral shifts in all of our participants who put these skills to work with their clients. We’ve seen this happen in every organization we work with that fully commits to this journey!

2.) Over the last 2 decades we’ve developed a proven, tested methodology that is the foundation for every training curriculum. However, this is balanced with full customization to your specific situation that we map out during the assessment and design phase of the project. We bring this home by partnering with you to write completely customized, detailed client scenarios that participants leverage throughout the training so they’ll learn our skills within their own “real world” situations.

3.) Not only do we fully train your people, but we provide individual coaching to each participant and give them specific feedback to improve the skills that can make the most difference for them and their clients. This begins in the training sessions and we have several options to keep the coaching alive once the training has ended and participants are working hard to apply the skills back in the world.

4.) Our training is practical and easily transferable. Participants can put it to work immediately. In fact, many of our participants have applied the skills during client phone meetings on the break and rushed back into class with amazing stories to tell of how they opened up huge new opportunities or turned a dangerous conflict situation into an opportunity for deeper partnering!

5.) We can train your entire client-facing team, the “three S’s” of Sales, Services, and Support to align them behind the common goals of creating great results and great relationships with your clients. We teach a common set of practical skills and terminology that can be used for both sales AND delivery throughout a client engagement.
We can teach them together in the same room or in parallel.