The “Power of Partnership” is the premier training course offered by S3 Solutions Inc., a training and consulting company based in San Diego, California that leverages the synergy between Sales, Services and Support.

The “Power of Partnership” is the premier training course offered by S3 Solutions Inc., a training and consulting company based in San Diego, California that leverages the synergy between Sales, Services and Support.

Our mission is to teach consultants and solution sales teams to build Powerful Partnerships with their clients to create bigger deals and smoother, more profitable projects.

We present training that is practical and immediately usable–we are NOT about theories, reports, and research–because those things won’t help you when you’re face-to-face with your clients and the engagement is on the line.

Over the last twenty years, we’ve been privileged to train tens of thousands of consultants and solution sales teams at all types of companies, ranging from entrepreneurial, pre-IPO, hyper-growth players to some of the largest legacy organizations like Accenture, Cisco, and HP.

The one constant that we’ve found is that strong client partnerships are the key to their growth and success.

In the Power of Partnership training, you will learn specific skills that can be applied throughout the full cycle of each client engagement–from the beginning of the sales phase, through delivery, and into the upsell and cross-sell. These are the skills that will fully arm your organization to “land and expand”!

We invite you to explore the tabs on our homepage that best fit your specific needs: Consulting Sales; Consulting Delivery; and Solution Sales. You’ll find videos, case studies, client testimonials, and an explanation of how we can meet the specific needs of you
and your team.

You’ll also see a tab on the homepage for our Partnership Academy, a virtual university delivered through blended learning forums to provide twice as much value in half of the time. Through this curriculum we’ll be opening up the methodologies that we’ve taught in the corporate setting for 2 decades to individual consultants, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. Watch for our launch in early 2013!

If you like what you read and hear about our Power of Partnership training and want to learn more, please accept our gift: “The 5 Hidden Pathways to Bigger Deals and More Profitable Projects” by signing up on our home page for a free download. These valuable videos will get you started on the path to creating powerful partnerships with your clients.

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Steve Vislisel of S3 Solutions

Steve Vislisel
Founder & CEO

Steve Vislisel is the founder and President of S3 Solutions, based in San Diego, CA. He is a master trainer, facilitator, and coach with deep expertise in strategic alignment, leadership development and sales mastery.

He has sold, created and implemented programs worldwide over the last 20 years for many great organizations including Accenture, Ernst and Young, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Bell Canada, Mercury Interactive, Intuit, Cadence Design, Cypress Semiconductor and Microsoft. He has personally trained over ten thousand professional services consultants and sales people world-wide.

Steve draws on his deep experience in organizational development and human factors engineering to design and deliver custom-fit programs, which are practical, experiential, and innovative. His specialty is crafting a unique recipe for each client, which blends conceptual models, simulations, client-specific scenarios, action learning and coaching. He challenges participants to master their game through clarifying their purpose, focusing their presence, and mastering the critical practices of their discipline. His special gift is the creation of a learning environment embodied with a very deep level of trust, where participants can “speak the unspoken” without risk of repercussions.

Prior to his career in organizational development, Steve studied human performance, human factors engineering and leadership at the United States Air Force Academy, which prepared him for almost a decade of Aerospace program management for the United States Air Force Office of Special Projects. During this time, he managed major subcontractors responsible for the software systems integration of nationally critical satellite programs that successfully opened the door to global arms control with the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties) signed in 1991 between the US and the Soviet Union. These treaties resulted in the removal of 80% of all strategic nuclear weapons then in existence.

His graduate and post-graduate studies have been focused on human performance, organizational development, strategic alignment, and entrepreneurial leadership. Steve’s work with leaders is focused on aligning clear strategic direction with the cultural beliefs, values, agreements, and behaviors critical to achieving breakthrough business performance and long-term stakeholder loyalty.

Steve lives in beautiful Tiburon, CA and enjoys daily hiking in the mountains with his dog, swimming, fitness cross-training, yoga, and Pilates. He is a competitive beach doubles volleyball player when time permits. He loves to sing and co-hosts local music gatherings for amateur musicians of all abilities who want to perform for “the world’s greatest audience.”

Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman
VP of Services

Marty Friedman is a master consultant, trainer, and coach. He is an expert in the areas of collaboration, conflict resolution, client relations, and management development.

For more than thirty years, he has designed and conducted more than 2000 workshops, and presented training and coaching to more than 20,000 consultants and managers. Marty has consulted, coached and trained people in organizations as diverse as Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Hitachi America, AT&T, Samsung, Elan Pharmaceuticals, Adobe Corporation, VMware, Gilead Biosciences, and IBM, as well as a few hundred corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations throughout the United States and Europe.

Marty has owned and managed several consulting businesses, and was formerly Regional Vice President of a global human resources consulting company. As a trainer, he is well known as a warm, humorous speaker who can get any group fully involved and active.

In teaching the “Power of Partnership”, he draws on his thirty years of consulting experience with stories and insights about client relations. Marty enjoys training and coaching participants to listen and connect with clients better, try out new skills, and become more self-aware of their behavior so they can meet their own goals as well as their clients’.

Marty has written and published many books, articles, and manuals, including “Improving Employee Performance”, “The Supervisor’s Reference Manual”, “Hiring a Top Salesperson”, “The Complete Book of Interviewing Questions”, and “Straight Answers to 101 Questions Managers Ask”. He is also the author of the book, “Straight Talk for Men About Marriage: What Men Need to Know About Marriage (And What Women Need to Know About Men)”. Since that book was released he has been interviewed by dozens of radio, TV and print outlets on his expertise of relationships between men and women.

Marty is a long-time meditator and has been married for thirty years (to the same woman!). He enjoys time at the beach and in the redwoods near his home in Scotts Valley, California. He is also a fan and student of baseball, old movies, and his children.